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My name is Stuart Rennie and I am a Lawyer, Librarian, Privacy Consultant and Records and Information Manager. You can learn more about me on my “About Stuart” page.


In this digital day and age, records management is an ever-changing landscape. The largest challenge clients have is keeping their processes up-to-date and ensuring compliance.


Conducting annual audits and reviews of Records Classification Plans, Records Retention Schedules, Policies and Bylaws is the ideal standard. Implementing products like SharePoint by Microsoft, being able to defend your corporation during a law suit, having the training in place and fostering an environment that encourages compliance of staff and employees is vital to the success of a Records Management program.


Working with my clients, I place a great deal of importance in creating programs for them that address both their paper records, electronic records and their legal needs. This combination of knowledge ensures that they get timely, professional, and strategic tools that will assist in supporting their success in their Information Governance.


I am vendor independent.


I pride myself in providing excellent customer service and I value the cohesive trust based relationships that I create with my clients. New clients are often impressed with the needs analysis that I conduct. I meet with specific groups and divisions of organizations. We discuss what type of documents and records are generated in their specific areas of the organization. I learn what tools they require to be successful in their day-to-day work life.


From these interviews, clients often identify areas of concern and challenges that they are aware of.  I assist them in understanding the legal aspect of how their records are currently being managed and what their legal risks are. The world is now focusing more and more on Information Governance and Information Assets. Not only is it important to have up-to-date classification plans and schedules, but also for the organization to know what type of information they have, what is its value, and how it can be leveraged for profit and gain.


We also discuss the ramifications of what happens when records are incorrectly destroyed versus planned disposition. How your organization can be ready for legal e-discovery, audits or investigations.  How creating custom records management policies can protect your organization. Through this process, compliance and accuracy of existing programs can be measured. Software solutions can be implemented; there are so many factors that impact the success of a records management program.


Some organizations have me update their bylaws, while others require new policy and procedure manuals.   Often staff find tackling these new publications overwhelming, so I create customized easy-to-manage guides (condensed and relevant by department), which greatly increase the organization’s overall compliance and accuracy. This creates “wins” for the project’s records manager and organization.


To further the organizations “wins”, I work in conjunction with a team of Information Governance professionals. We can also provide your staff with custom training sessions.  In addition to training, we can also assist you in records management software setup and configuration, optimization, software second party expansion service add-ons and compliance accuracy auditing.


Other clients require assistance with their privacy compliance and ensuring they comply with public access to information. I have written Privacy Policies and conducted Privacy Impact Assessments for many clients.


Cloud Computing contracts have many long-reaching legal implications, which are a challenge for many clients. Being a lawyer, my clients benefit by having me review their cloud-computing vendor contracts to ensure that they serve the best interests of each individual client. I assist some clients with cloud-record recovery audits. This allows the organization peace of mind knowing they can recover their data.


As time goes on, more and more of my clients are realizing that they really should have a staff records manager to ensure quality control and program compliance. Although creating a new staff position is often expensive, with proper planning and budgeting they find the investment pays for itself over time. One of the biggest concerns is finding the ‘right fit’.  Through my industry connections, associations and role at the University of British Columbia, School of Library and Information Studies, I am able to suggest candidates that would be an asset to your team.


Whether you are a non-profit, a municipality or a multi-national organization, I look forward to talking to you about your project and your goals.


I can work with your legal team during e-discoveries, audits or investigations. I can travel to your international locations, and draw together a “Big Picture” program that unites your organization.


I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



MLIS, JD, BA (Hons.)