MLIS, JD, BA (Hons.)


Amendments to the Court Order Enforcement Act(which protect RRSPs from creditor enforcement) enacted by the British Columbia Economic Incentive and Stabilization Statutes Amendment Act, 2008, S.B.C. 2008, c. 44 (Bill 45)



Researcher for the International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES) at UBC. (2013-2018)


Researcher for the InterPARES Trust Project at UBC (2007-2012)


Researcher for the Digital Records Forensics Project between SLAIS, the UBC Faculty of Law, and the Computer Forensics Division of the Vancouver Police Department (2008-2011)









Conference Speaker: “ARMA International Educational Foundation Research Results: Canadian Requirements for Personal Information Protection.”

ARMA Canada National Conference (Toronto, Ont.)



Conference Speaker: “Implementing the New CGSB 72.34-2016 National Standard into Your RIM Programme.”

ARMA Canada National Conference (Halifax, NS)


Conference Speaker: “R. v. Oler: Legal Implications Of RIM Expert Evidence & Using Standards In Scanning”.

ARMA Canada National Conference (Calgary, AB)


Conference Speaker: “You Have To Testify In Court As A RIM Expert. What Do You Do?”

ARMA Canada National Conference (Ottawa, ON)


Conference Speaker: RIM and The Sedona Canada Principles Addressing Electronic Discovery.

2013 ARMA Canada National Conference (Saskatoon, SK)


Conference Speaker: Managing Contracts Successfully (with emphasis on cloud computing, social media and privacy).

2012 ARMA Canada National Conference (Nanaimo, BC)


Conference Speaker: Presented position paper on “Bridging Time: InterPARES and E-Discovery”.

2009 DESI III Global E-Discovery/E- A Pre-Conference Workshop at the 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (June 8, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain)



Conference Speaker: Managing Litigation Holds In Canada.

2009 ARMA Canada National Conference (Edmonton, AB)


Conference Speaker: The Case for Recorded Information Management and Local Governments.

2008 Canada National Conference (Fredericton, NB)


Conference Speaker: The Records Management Future For Compliance.

2007 ARMA Canada National Conference (Winnipeg, MN)





Follow the links to review the publications:

·      Example: Co-founder and Editorial Board Member of Sagesse, the Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management.

·      Example: Member advisor and editor of ARMA International Content Editorial Board for Information Management Magazine.

·      Author, “Dispelling Myths About Records Retention In Canada” (March 2016), Sagesse, the Journal of Canadian Records and Information.

·       “Legal Implications of Working in the Cloud” in Hot Topics: Making the Leap to the Cloud? How to Manage Information Governance Challenges, Information Management(Volume 44, Number 5) (September/October 2010) at HT 11-16.

·      Legislative Update, regular feature column in BarTalk, Canadian Bar Association (British Columbia Branch) (1998 to date).

·      “Feature article, “New Civil and Family Rules”, BarTalk, Canadian Bar Association (British Columbia Branch) (August 2009).

·      Feature & Cover, “Stuart Rennie’s Dual Careers: Lawyer and Information Professional”, BarTalk, Canadian Bar Association (British Columbia Branch) (April 2012) 



·      Co-author with Alexandra E. Bradley, CRM, FAI, Local Government Management Association of British Columbia Records Management Manual For Local Government In British Columbia (third edition, 2006; fourth edition, 2012 and fifth edition, 2015).

·      Sedona Conference: As a member of the Sedona Conference Working Group 7, Stuart participated in the development of The Sedona Canada Principles Addressing Electronic Discovery in Civil Litigation (January 2008 and the 2015 Second Edition).

·      Canadian General Standards Board: Appointed an information member of the Canadian General Standards Board’s National Standard of Canada and he provided advice regarding the second edition of the Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence, (CAN/CSGB-72.34-2005) standard, which will cancel and replace the 2005 first edition.

·      ARMA International: Content Editorial Board Member, updating the Records and Information Management Core Competencies and Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®.

·      ARMA International Educational Foundation: Author and Researcher, Canadian Requirements for Personal Information Protection (AIEF RP 2017.1) (privacy affecting records for Canada, all provinces and territories).




·      Co-author with Carolyn Marcotte, Lee Thompson, Richard C. Delaney, Learning About Law: Teacher’s Resource (Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 1997).


·      Co-author with Jim Hoganson, Stan Golowacz, Understanding  the Law: Teacher’s Resource (second edition) (Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 1996).




Certified for Continuing Professional Development by the Law Society of British Columbia, Stuart has created and mediated over 100 webinars, including:


·      Adult Guardianship Law

·      Advocating: Mentally Disordered Client

·      Audits by the Law Society of BC

·      Building Act of BC

·      Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

·      Civil Forfeiture

·      Civil Resolution Tribunal

·      Cloud Computing Contracts

·      Computer Forensics and Electronic Evidence

·      Copyright Law

·      Criminal Trial Management

·      Cross-Border Tax

·      Daniels v. Canada (Supreme Court of Canada decision on Metis and Aboriginal matters)

·      Data Workflow

·      Disability Trusts

·      E-Discovery

·      Elder Abuse Law

·      Employment Law

·      Executors

·      Extradition Act

·      Family Law

·      Financial Statements for Law Firms

·      Forensic Evidence

·      Forensic Experts

·      Franchises Act of BC

·      Hear the Child Report in Family Law

·      Incapacity Planning Legislation (Bill 29)

·      Information Technology

·      Information Governance For Law Firms

·      In-house Counsel

·      Insurance Defence Litigation

·      Knowledge Management

·      Law Office Technology

·      Law Practice Accounting

·      Law Practice Management

·      Lawyer’s Succession Planning

·      Legal Ethics

·      Legal Services to Government

·      Life Interest Trusts

·      Limitation Act of BC

·      Medical Records

·      Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry in British Columbia

·      Moving Law Offices

·      Negotiation Skills

·      Online Defamation

·      Online Legal Writing

·      Paralegals

·      Personal Injury & Criminal Law

·      Pet Law

·      PST/HST Tax

·      Records Management

·      Social Media

·      Taxation - US Citizens Resident In Canada

·      Undertakings

·      Tax Exemptions for First Nations

·      Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA) of BC

·      Workplace Bullying and Harassment

·      Workplace Fatalities

·      Working with Your Computer Forensics Expert

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